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Gas Safe Registered
- ACS Qualified

BPEC Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems - Certified

BPEC Water Supply Regulations - Certified

NVQ Level 3 Complex Plumbing & Heating Systems - Qualified

NVQ Level 2 Domestic Core Plumbing & Heating - Qualified
Home Owners / Landlords - BY LAW YOU MUST -

Repair and maintain gas pipework, flues and appliances in safe condition
Ensure you have and annual GAS Safety Check on each gas appliance and flue
Keep a record of each safety check
Provide a copy of the Gas Safety Check to the tenants within 28 days of the record being completed

BE AWARE OF CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING - What to do in an emergency

Shut off the appliance
Shut off gas supply at meter Emergency Control Valve
Open all windows and doors
Visit GP immediately if CO poisoning is suspected. Request blood or breath sample
If a GAS LEAK is suspected call National Grid 0800 111 999


Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas.

Incomplete combustion and production of CO -

Yellow/orange flames instead of blue flames (except on decorative fuel effect fires)
Soot or yellow/brown staining on or around appliance
Pilot light that frequently blows out
Increased condensation on inside of windows
SYMPTOMS Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Early symptoms of CO poisoning may be confused with many other common ailments such as food poisoning, viral infections, flue or simple tiredness
Headaches, breathlessness, nausea, dizziness, collapse, loss of consciousness, tiredness, drowsiness, vomiting, pains in the chest, stomach pains, erratic behaviour and visual problems

For more info visit the NHS website, or phone NHS Direct 0845 46 47

IF YOU BELIEVE YOU HAVE CO POISONING SEEK URGENT MEDICAL ADVICE. Ask for a breath or blood test to confirm the presence of CO. Be aware - CO quickly leaves the blood and tests may be inaccurate if taken after 4 hours from exposure.

Preventative Measures Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Ensure all gas related work be carried out by a GAS SAFE REGISTERED ENGINEER
Ensure regular/annual maintenance/ service and gas safety checks be carried out on all appliances and flues
Landlords have a LEGAL DUTY to carry out annual Gas Safety Checks carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer
Always make sure there is enough fresh air in the room containing your gas appliance. If you have a chimney or flue ensure it is not blocked and that any air vents are not covered
Ensure ANY GAS APPLIANCES IN BEDROOMS are installed/checked by a Gas Safe Registered engineer - Do not use un-flued appliances such as paraffin heaters or cabinet heaters in bed rooms
Get your chimney annually swept by a qualified sweep
Get a CO Alarm fitted - these are not a substitute for proper installation and maintenance of gas appliances by a Gas Safe Registered engineer

* You are particularly at risk from CO poisoning when you are asleep. Having an audible CO Alarm could wake you and save your life.

If You Smell Gas or Suspect A Gas Leak

Open all doors and windows
Shut off Gas supply at Meter Emergency Control Valve
If you still suspect gas is leaking call National Grid 0800 111 999
Leave property
Ensure all repairs are carried out by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer


Know how to turn off your gas supply. Ensure you know where the gas meter and emergency control valve is and that you have easy access to it in case of an emergency - it will also save you time and money if your engineer can access the meter easily.


Ensure you know the location of your mains water stopcock - in the event of a leak this can be invaluable information.
Gas Safe Registered ID Card Check 

To ensure you have a proper engineer check these things on the card

The photo
The start and expiry dates
The licence number
The security hologram

On the back check

The appliances covered to work on
The qualifications up to date
Ensuring that a professional approach is a personal approach
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